Hi, my name is Ramūnas Jasiulis aka RAMAS. Born in Lithuania, Klaipėda. Currently located in Gothenburg SWEDEN
My favorite style of tattooing is black and grey realism. Best way to reach out to me is FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM or EMAIL metaltattoo.bookings@gmail.com.
My studio is located in Olskroken, in the nice and calm area with free parking. Very easy to find and convenient communication with Central Station. Since I work alone in rather compact space, one friend to tag along is OK, BUT I prefer when customer comes over alone. I think one on one communication is very personal and very effective since tattoo is rather very personal journey.
"Think before you ink." That should be the motto of anyone who is considering getting a tattoo.
Good Reasons To Get a Tattoo. ♦ Self Expression. ♦ Totem Symbols and Animals. ♦ Spiritual Growth/Protection. ♦ Marking Important Events. ♦ To Express Commitment. ♦ As a memorial.
Some publications
Features in magazines and ELMIA motorshow
ART studio EST.2004 at first as CAR styling. Later 2012 shifted towards tattoo world...
Ramunas Jasiulis. PAINT has allways been my go to media. Starting with all sorts of pen's and pencils from time of school, following up with painter education at Maritime collage and then Custom car paint House of Color. And now tattoo ink. Approach is somewhat the same, prep work, building up layers and sealing/healing.
Swish'ed deposits are non refundable, due to immediate tax applied. Only cash deposits may be returned.
My proffered tattoo style is large scale realistic. Like full day session projects or multiple day, sleeves and back pieces.
Scale don't matter... anything from helmets to motorcycles, cars and trucks. Or even personal items like guitars or PC computers. Only imagination is the limit.
Various events... car meets, nature trips, museums, still life and tattoos.
YOUTUBE channel
Watch some tattoo process and see artwork in action.